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The Umbrella Organization

The institutional umbrella of our joint activities is the "Kompetenzzentrum Biointelligenz e.V.". Founded in 2021, the non-profit association is dedicated to science and research as well as to the further development and stabilization of biointelligence in a national and international context in order to realize innovations for a sustainable production. 

The decisive factor for sustainable innovation is not exclusively economic efficiency but the creation of integrative innovations that make a positive economic, ecological, and social contribution.

To support this transformation process, the association pursues four strategies.

© Kompetenzzentrum Biointelligenz e. V.


Accelerate technology convergence through interdisciplinary
in relevant


Generation of knowledge and establishment of structures for
efficient transfer to industrial application


Pooling and coordinating strategic national and international


Setting impulses for politics and society

The “Kompetenzzentrum Biointelligenz e.V.” is dedicated to the sustainable transformation of industrial production. In a wide variety of committees and formats, we identify challenges, discuss opportunities and develop solutions for a sustainable, competitive renewal of the economy.

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