The Network

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In a wide variety of committees and formats, we identify challenges, discuss opportunities and develop approaches for a future-oriented and competitive renewal of the economy. We promote interdisciplinary collaboration for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Network

From Stuttgart into the World

The Stuttgart region is the nucleus of biointelligence. This is where the concept was developed and where leading global research institutions in the fields of biology, technology and computer science work in a continuous open exchange. Close networking with technology and market leaders ensures the transfer of knowledge from research to industrial application and enables the partners to expand their global pioneering role.

The concept of biointelligence is to spread out into the world from Stuttgart as a sustainable guiding vision. In the medium term, Stuttgart is to be just one of many hubs. To this end, we are working closely with partners from various regions in Germany, Europe and the world.

How we Collaborate

The Biointelligence Competence Center has built a vibrant ecosystem that fosters lively cooperation between science and industry. It positions the Stuttgart region at the forefront of biointelligence worldwide and bundles the entire expertise of the local institutions.

The intensive exchange in Europe-wide clusters promotes holistic discussion beyond the region's borders and continuously concretizes the vision of biointelligence. Our network jointly disseminated and establishes our developed strategy for its international implementation.

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Our Partnerships